Money vs. Education

You were so proud of yourself when you graduated from Pre-k! Elementary school with its first EOGs and tests was soon left behind.

You come home blabbering about your locker and billions and billions of teachers in middle school. That too was soon forgotten.  Until high school. Little by little, the honor rolls where announced and caps flew into the air! EVERYONE was as happy as high school graduates! The world was perfect!

For you.

Do you see this picture? That is an African School House. Most of those people are adults and it isn’t very big. Imagine going to school in that thing.

In Africa, school isn’t free for everyone. Instead, parents have to pay for their students to go to school.  Many parents can’t afford that, so many kids don’t get to go to school.

Could you imagine having to fight for an education?  That is why I decided to loan to Tasiu.  He is looking for money to send his children to school.  I thought that every kid deserves the chance to learn.


Borrower image

Poverty is real, and I am helping!

By Eliza A.

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