The Flu’s Going Around….. Are You Safe?

As spring is coming, the flu is going around. Mostly, people get a flu shot and have recovery time. When we get the flu, you and most people are safe.

But for some people, that’s not the case.

So, what is the flu? It’s short for influenza. It’s an extremely contagious respiratory disease.

When the flu comes knocking on your door, you boost your immune system with the shots that we get.

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But, shots cost money. Most people can afford shots in America, but in other countries, I can’t say the same.

So when the flu comes knocking on the door of Africa and Mexico, the shots aren’t there to save them.

How much is a flu shot? It’s about an average of 40 dollars at a local pharmacy. At other places, it could be more or less.

So that’s why we need Kiva and other loaning sites.  If we help people to have a better life, we are also helping people get the money that they need to get flu shots and be safe.

By: Mathew L.





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