Jobs in Kenya

In the nation of Kenya, not many people have jobs compared to how many people in the US do.

Those people also live near South Sudan, and Ethiopia, which were all at war recently for South Sudan to become a country. This means, that some jobs were destroyed or taken by refugees and torn by war.

Kenya’s furniture industry creates about 160,000 jobs to those who have lost jobs or those that have never been able to get a job due to family history.

I think that this loan to Moko in Kenya is important because, they need help handling money so we are giving them  a field partner to do it for them and to help them.


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From One, To Another, To Many More

Recently we made a loan to Jack, from Kenya. Jack is 30 years old, married and has 2 children.

Kiva Jack 1

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I would consider loaning to Jack, a loan that I will never regret. Jack sells One Degree Solar’s solar energy kits. This is a great loan because when you loan to somebody like Jack, you aren’t only helping the person you are loaning to, you are also helping the people that he helps. The solar energy kits that Jack sells help bring electricity to families and communities that do not have ample access to electricity.

In Kenya, the country that Jack is from, people make 97% less money than people in the United States do. So electricity bills are normally too expensive for people to afford.

So helping Jack helps both him, and his customers to improve their lives in a major way.

– Evan C.

Upendo Gataro Women Group of Kenya


Upendo Gataro Women Group


Today I loaned to a group of four women in Kenya, a country in which the average income is only one  thousand eight hundred dollars a year.

I donated to this group because the main woman wants to expand her small farm by buying seeds and fertilizers. She hopes to  then use the money she makes off of selling her produce to pay for her nine children school expenses.



Today I made a loan to a lady in Kenya who is married and had 5 children and trying to keep her businesses running.

In Kenya the country does not have a lot of clean water. So to get clean water you have to walk 3 hours, get a bucket of water, then walk 3 hours back. And this lady has to do a lot because she has a husband and 5 children. And on top of that she has to keep her business running. So this women has to do a lot.

Some other good things about this loan is that we get paid back in 13 months and get repaid monthly. Also the default rate and the loans at risk rate is all under 1.00 so there is a high chance that we will get our money back.

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By: Matt S.