Help The People

We all know about these two devastating Hurricanes, Irma and Harvey.


Both of the hurricanes put a lot of people without anything. Millions of people lost everything, but there are ways to help those in need. Donate to the American Red Cross.

Click here to donate to victims of  Harvey, (make sure you change the I want to support part from Disaster to Harvey) and Click here to donate to victims of Irma .

After a Hurricane, make sure to help because for one it feels good and  two it’s the right thing to do. Read this Quote from Robert Ingersoll: “We Rise By Lifting Others”  I think this means that you’re becoming a better person by helping others.

So to be a better person, you should help the victims that felt the wrath of Harvey and Irma.

Help now!

Author: Danny G

Revised and Edited: Rachel I and Hannah L

Thanksgiving! Not Everyone Eats Well…

Thanksgiving is a time where we unite with family and eat, a ton! There are other people in the world that don’t spend Thanksgiving this way….

This is one of the downsides of being in poverty: being hungry. This is why we loan. This is why we donate food to the food drive.

World hunger is a problem we as a planet have had lots of trouble with. Almost 800,000,000 people in the world are starving due to world hunger.

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So next time you complain for not having any good food, think of people who don’t even get food.

So if you want to help people in the world have Thanksgiving, you can use Kiva to lend, or donate any food to food drives, so we can end world hunger.


Pakistani Women’s Teacher

Many girls in rich or middle class areas of the world complain about school. But imagine if girls couldn’t go to school and learn..

Borrower image

Well that’s the life girls live in Pakistan — a place where women aren’t always treated equally.  If you can imagine not having girls in school, imagine not having female teachers.

But, there is one women who is teaching science in a 50% boy and 50% girl school with over 375 students. You could probably realize how dangerous and expensive that would be, especially for a women to do.

This women’s name is Bushra and she lives in a part of the world where there is a lot of segregation between women and men. Also, there have been women caught teaching or being taught that were brutally attacked by the Taliban or another extremist group.

This is why I decided to support Bushra. I believe that anyone —  all men and women alike — should be able to learn and teach others.

If you want to help go to to make an account and a loan.



By: Austin B.

Japanese Floods


By noon on Thursday September 10 some parts of Japan had received double the average rainfall for September. This caused mass flooding, and many people went missing, were injured, or died. Many people also lost their homes and belongings. As Kiva lenders we help those who have suffered in natural disasters.

By: Allison W. and Emma T.