Help The People

We all know about these two devastating Hurricanes, Irma and Harvey.


Both of the hurricanes put a lot of people without anything. Millions of people lost everything, but there are ways to help those in need. Donate to the American Red Cross.

Click here to donate to victims of  Harvey, (make sure you change the I want to support part from Disaster to Harvey) and Click here to donate to victims of Irma .

After a Hurricane, make sure to help because for one it feels good and  two it’s the right thing to do. Read this Quote from Robert Ingersoll: “We Rise By Lifting Others”  I think this means that you’re becoming a better person by helping others.

So to be a better person, you should help the victims that felt the wrath of Harvey and Irma.

Help now!

Author: Danny G

Revised and Edited: Rachel I and Hannah L

Six Children, One House!

How hard would it be to have to take care of six kids in a temporary house?

Magdalena Lucia’s house was completely torn apart in the recent earthquake in Ecuador. They also lost all of their livestock that they used for their business. She is a 39 year old married mother and her kids ages are 19, 17, 14, 13, 11, and 10.
Borrower image

Magdalena needed  a loan so she could buy supplies to afford a new permanent house. We thought this loan was special because how would you feel to live in a tiny temporary house with an eight person family. 

By: Dominic, Cole and Ryan

Ecuador Earthquake

Many families in America complain about how bad their roof is,  but how bad would it be if your roof got caved in after an earthquake .

Also, here in America, if your roof got caved in after an earthquake you would get money from your job, but Carlos Eduardo’s store  — who lives in Ecuador — got destroyed by the same earthquake that destroyed his house, so he has no way to make money and no place to live.


We thought this loan was special because people in Ecuador make 79.92% less money than we do in America. We made this loan to help Carlos with his business so when he  starts making money off his business again he can make the money to repair his house.

By:Dominic and Cole

Japanese Floods


By noon on Thursday September 10 some parts of Japan had received double the average rainfall for September. This caused mass flooding, and many people went missing, were injured, or died. Many people also lost their homes and belongings. As Kiva lenders we help those who have suffered in natural disasters.

By: Allison W. and Emma T.


Disaster in Ghana


Over the course of the last week, Ghana was hit by terrible flooding. Over 1.5 million people live in the capitol where the flooding occurred. Of those citizens, 9,250 people were affected by the floods and 1,125 houses have been severely damaged. At least 200 people died and 60 have been hospitalized.

Ghana expected to receive 600 million dollars in order to protect the flood prone capitol of Accra. This money was going to be used to install storm drains and gutters, but when the government delayed the pay unexpectedly, floods struck.

Because of the lack of storm drains, water leaked into underground gas pipes and caused the tank to explode. Hundreds of people were huddled under the overhang of a nearby gas station when the explosion occurred At least 150 of those people are dead but the death toll is expected to go up.

All of this is why we lend. this explosion happened because of money. if Accra had gotten the money they would have put in storm drains and that explosion wouldn’t have happened. We lend so that others don’t suffer.

Emma T.

Image of flood

Image with car