No Clean Toilets?!

How would you feel if you didn’t have access to a clean bathroom? 

Well that is the case for many people.  In fact, 2.4 billion people all over the world are struggling to keep their family alive because there are no sanitary toilets.

Marla, a married women with four kids who runs a candy business in the Philippines, is an example.  She doesn’t have a clean toilet for her family.

Borrower image

In this loan Marla wanted a sanitary toilet for her and her family. She is aware that the toilet will help the environment  and is saving money.

We made this loan because we think that everybody should have a clean toilet. Also, we don’t want people to use the bathroom in places that are unsanitary because it could possibly make a lot of other people sick.

By:Dominic Savino

Edited by: Chloee Simmons

Philippines Buying Purified Water Machines

Lots of people complain about having low quality, clean water. But imagine if you couldn’t even have access to clean water at all…

In the Philippines, there isn’t much clean water. This means that clean water is rationed for everyone. Some citizens are taking matters into their own hands.

Lots of the people are buying machines for $125 to purify their water. This is a good thing for families because they can have large supplies of clean water.

These machines can also help citizens open stands to sell people water. It’s for a cheaper price rather than buying an entire machine.

As these citizens can help each other, we can help them, too. You can learn more about our club at and join kiva at, and help the world’s poverty.

By: Mathew L.