Life Saving Surgery

Some of us have had some type of medical surgery, whether it’s to get your tonsils removed or if it’s to keep your heart beating. Most of us can pay for it with insurance.

What if that surgery was needed to save your life?

What if you couldn’t afford it?

Thuraya is a 49 year old mom of nine children. She is a hard worker and needs a surgery to save her life.

From left to right: Dalal, Kawthar, Thuraya

Unfortunately, that surgery is really expensive, and she can’t afford it. She lives in Lebanon as a Syrian refugee. The average citizen there makes 70.08% less money than an average American citizen, so she really needs our help.

This loan was a good loan because the rates were great, and this person is a person that really needs help.

By: Sofia T.

Edited by Chloee S.

No Clean Toilets?!

How would you feel if you didn’t have access to a clean bathroom? 

Well that is the case for many people.  In fact, 2.4 billion people all over the world are struggling to keep their family alive because there are no sanitary toilets.

Marla, a married women with four kids who runs a candy business in the Philippines, is an example.  She doesn’t have a clean toilet for her family.

Borrower image

In this loan Marla wanted a sanitary toilet for her and her family. She is aware that the toilet will help the environment  and is saving money.

We made this loan because we think that everybody should have a clean toilet. Also, we don’t want people to use the bathroom in places that are unsanitary because it could possibly make a lot of other people sick.

By:Dominic Savino

Edited by: Chloee Simmons

Permanent Houses Are Hard To Afford!

Most Americans have permanent houses, but Fred, who lives in Uganda wants a loan so he can buy supplies to build a permanent house for him and his family.

He is a 45 year old married man who has 3 children and needs to get supplies to build his house. He is carrying out different businesses including farming and selling consumable goods, but he still isn’t meeting his family needs.

Borrower image

We thought this loan was special because most Americans can afford to buy permanent houses, but Fred has to buy supplies to build a house for him and his family to live in.

BY: Dominic, Cole and Ryan

School Isn’t ALWAYS Free.

In America school tuition is free, but in Lebanon you have to pay for your children to go to school and the price is rising.

Fatima , a 44 year old married mother and her and her 3 friends are trying to raise money to pay for her 4 kids to stay in school . She is working hard as a housekeeper but she still doesn’t make enough money to pay the school tuition fees.

Borrower image

We thought this loan was special because every kid should have education in there life, but Fatima needed more money for her kids education.

BY: Dominic and Cole

Ecuador Earthquake

Many families in America complain about how bad their roof is,  but how bad would it be if your roof got caved in after an earthquake .

Also, here in America, if your roof got caved in after an earthquake you would get money from your job, but Carlos Eduardo’s store  — who lives in Ecuador — got destroyed by the same earthquake that destroyed his house, so he has no way to make money and no place to live.


We thought this loan was special because people in Ecuador make 79.92% less money than we do in America. We made this loan to help Carlos with his business so when he  starts making money off his business again he can make the money to repair his house.

By:Dominic and Cole