Jobs in Kenya

In the nation of Kenya, not many people have jobs compared to how many people in the US do.

Those people also live near South Sudan, and Ethiopia, which were all at war recently for South Sudan to become a country. This means, that some jobs were destroyed or taken by refugees and torn by war.

Kenya’s furniture industry creates about 160,000 jobs to those who have lost jobs or those that have never been able to get a job due to family history.

I think that this loan to Moko in Kenya is important because, they need help handling money so we are giving them  a field partner to do it for them and to help them.


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Crazy Facts About World Poverty

Here at SMS Kiva, we pride our selves on helping the world by loaning to people in poverty, but don’t you think that you, our readers, should know why we do it? Here are some facts that should help you understand, if you don’t already.Image result for poverty

  1. Nearly 50% of the worlds population, more than 3 billion people, live on less  than $2.50
  2. More than 1.3 million people live in extreme poverty-less than $1.25 a day
  3. 1 billion children live in poverty worldwide
  4. Roughly 22,000 children die each day worldwide due to poverty
  5. 805 million people don’t have enough food to eat
  6. More than 750 million people lack adequate access to good clean water
  7. Approximately 2,300 people are killed each day due to unsanitary toilets and        hand hygiene. That is 842,000 people a year
  8. In 2011, 165 million children under the age of 5 were stunted (reduced rate of growth) due to chronic malnutrition.

Here is a post from Mr. Ferriter on a trip-line about some past loans



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Welcome Back!!!

Welcome back to Kiva! Before the summer break, we hit 1,000 loans! Now that we are back in Kiva, we are ready to make the world a better place by making even more loans. We hope to have more blog posts for your enjoyment this year. If you are new you can Watch this video for an intro to what our Kiva club does.

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Pakistani Women’s Teacher

Many girls in rich or middle class areas of the world complain about school. But imagine if girls couldn’t go to school and learn..

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Well that’s the life girls live in Pakistan — a place where women aren’t always treated equally.  If you can imagine not having girls in school, imagine not having female teachers.

But, there is one women who is teaching science in a 50% boy and 50% girl school with over 375 students. You could probably realize how dangerous and expensive that would be, especially for a women to do.

This women’s name is Bushra and she lives in a part of the world where there is a lot of segregation between women and men. Also, there have been women caught teaching or being taught that were brutally attacked by the Taliban or another extremist group.

This is why I decided to support Bushra. I believe that anyone —  all men and women alike — should be able to learn and teach others.

If you want to help go to to make an account and a loan.



By: Austin B.