Las Girasoles Tecpanecas Group of Guatemala

The Las Girasoles Tecpanecas Group is group of women in the rural Guatemalan city of Tecpan. This is a group of women who work hard to meet individually set goals.

There are 9 women in the group who all have a different businesses such as, food sale, agriculture, weaving, selling clothing, and the sale of cosmetics. They call themselves the “Las Girasoles Tecpanecas” or the Tecpan Sunflowers.

Las Girasoles Tecpanecas GroupThere are many reasons I made made this loan. One reason I made this loan is the average annual income in Guatemala is only $5,300.! Compare that to how much your parents make in a year. In fact most people spend more than that on a car in America.

Another reason why I made this loan is the loans at risk rate and the default rate are extremely low. The loans at risk rate and default rate show whether similar loans in the area where not paid back or not paid back at all. We will also be paid back monthly over 10 months. This means we will get paid back a little bit over 10 months which means we won’t have to wait a long time to get our loan back.

The final and most important reason I made this loan is for people like Dolores (one of the women in the group). Dolores is 68 years old and is practically the sole source of income for her family and is responsible for paying for the education of her kids by owning and running a small food business. With the loan she hopes to buy spices and rice to expand her business.

This is why we Kiva. We Kiva to help women like Dolores and their families make a better life for themselves.

By: Nicolas H.


Madar Mahila Mandal Group of India

Recently I have made a loan to the Madar Mahila Mandal group of India. This group consists of 5 women that run a variety store, which sell things like necklaces and earrings. Sabanabibi is the leader of the group and a mother of two. With the loan Sabanabibi hopes to expand her business and make a higher income so she can provide a better life for her kids.Madar Mahila Mandal-1 Group

Sabanabibi currently makes around $660 a year! That’s only $1.80 a day! In the United States the average income is around $50,00 a year. Compare that to what Sabanabibi makes in a year.

This why we Kiva, to help the people like Sabanabibi that are living on less than $2.00 a day make a better life for themselves.

Death in the Desert

Recently the bodies of 18 West African migrants who were trying to escape Africa and make it into Europe have been uncovered in the Sahara dessert. This event brings to light one of the worlds most important issues. Migration, it happens all over the world manly because people in poorer country’s want to move to a richer country like in Europe so they can make more money to support their family. Many people die trying to get to a better place. It is estimated that 100,000 people will make the trip cross the Sahara this year and already 1,865 people have died so far this year alone.

The trip these pImage result for sahara deserteople are making is not at all an easy trip as the Sahara has next to no water and no shade, not mention the sand storms which can blind a person and disorient a person causing them to head in the wrong direction. People die every day in the Sahara often from dehydration. In 2013, 87 bodies were uncovered in the Sahara. The people died after there trucks broke down, stranding them in what was to become a graveyard, eventually their water ran out only 13 of the hundred migrants survived.

This is why we Kiva. To make these peoples country’s a better place so the people that live in them don’t have to risk their lives getting out of them.

By: Nicolas Haub