The Wall…….. Is it a Good Idea?

Since our new president, Donald Trump, has come into office, he’s had a lot of plans. One of his plans is to build a wall across our U.S.A-Mexico border.

But is it a good idea?

The wall is going to cost anywhere between 12-15 billion dollars. With that big of a cost, people question it’s values.

What are some of the pros and cons? Well, the main pro is that it will help will with illegal immigration of people and goods, like any drug or product that’s not allowed here.

The main con is the cost. There are lots of other ways that we could use the money. Is it a good idea?

We could use it to help other countries. In 2012, about $37,000,000,000 were sent overseas to other countries like Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan.

We could also send it to the bill to end poverty. In order to get rid of most of poverty, we would need to pay $175,000,000 for 20 years per year.

We would to use it to feed hungry children. It takes 20 cents to give a child a meal in parts of Africa. In other parts, it takes as little as $10 to feed kids in refugee camps for 3 weeks.

Lastly, we could build homes with the money. It would cost 40 million dollars to build four homeless shelters. We could build 1500 homeless shelters with that money.

The list goes on, but it’s your choice of what you want to do. You can help in lots of ways, including Kiva, to help stop poverty.





No Shoes for Guatemalans?!

How would you feel if you didn’t own a pair of shoes?

Many Guatemalans never have any shoes they can wear. They walk around on their bare feet on the dirty ground. The Emmanuel’s Group is a group of women who want money to make shoes for people who aren’t fortunate enough to have any.

Juana is a 39 year old with three children. She is a part of the group and wants to make as many shoes as she can, but also wants to use money that she raises by making and selling shoes to get her children an education. She didn’t have her own education when she was a girl and knows what her children will be missing out on.

I think this is a good loan because for us, shoes are just part of everyday life, but for the people of Guatemala, a lot of people don’t have access to them. It’s not fair to the Guatemalans.

Borrower image

Eli S.

No Clean toilets?!

How would you feel if you didn’t have access to a clean bathroom? 

Well that is the case for many people.  In fact, 2.4 billion people all over the world are struggling to keep their family alive because there are no sanitary toilets.

Marla, a married women with four kids who runs a candy business in the Philippines, is an example.  She doesn’t have a clean toilet for her family.

Borrower image

In this loan Marla wanted a sanitary toilet for her and her family. She is aware that the toilet will help the environment  and is saving money.

We made this loan because we think that everybody should have a clean toilet. Also, we don’t want people to use the bathroom in places that are unsanitary because it could possibly make a lot of other people sick.

By:Dominic Savino

Money vs. Education

You were so proud of yourself when you graduated from Pre-k! Elementary school with its first EOGs and tests was soon left behind.

You come home blabbering about your locker and billions and billions of teachers in middle school. That too was soon forgotten.  Until high school. Little by little, the honor rolls where announced and caps flew into the air! EVERYONE was as happy as high school graduates! The world was perfect!

For you.

Do you see this picture? That is an African School House. Most of those people are adults and it isn’t very big. Imagine going to school in that thing.

In Africa, school isn’t free for everyone. Instead, parents have to pay for their students to go to school.  Many parents can’t afford that, so many kids don’t get to go to school.

Could you imagine having to fight for an education?  That is why I decided to loan to Tasiu.  He is looking for money to send his children to school.  I thought that every kid deserves the chance to learn.


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Poverty is real, and I am helping!

By Eliza A.