SMS Kiva is on Pause.


Over the last several years, my students have been making TONS of loans to people in developing countries around the world using Kiva — a popular microlending site.  Then, they have been writing about those loans here on our SMS Kiva blog.

That work has been incredibly rewarding for me:  Watching my sixth graders change the world every day during our first period class is nothing short of awe inspiring.  We’ve lent to single mothers, to refugees, and to people in over 150 countries — all from our classroom here in North Carolina.

We are, however, taking a bit of a pause in our work.  Our lending account was hacked and several hundred dollars in loans were made without our permission.  We have to wait for those loans to be paid back before we can even begin making new loans again.

Know that it is likely we will start lending again and creating new content at some point in the future.  For the time being, though, there won’t be a ton of new content to explore.

Hope that makes sense,

Bill Ferriter

The teacher behind the SMS Kiva Kids

Jobs in Kenya

In the nation of Kenya, not many people have jobs compared to how many people in the US do.

Those people also live near South Sudan, and Ethiopia, which were all at war recently for South Sudan to become a country. This means, that some jobs were destroyed or taken by refugees and torn by war.

Kenya’s furniture industry creates about 160,000 jobs to those who have lost jobs or those that have never been able to get a job due to family history.

I think that this loan to Moko in Kenya is important because, they need help handling money so we are giving them  a field partner to do it for them and to help them.


Revised and Edited By: Kayla P, Hannah L, and Rachel I

Life Saving Surgery

Some of us have had some type of medical surgery, whether it’s to get your tonsils removed or if it’s to keep your heart beating. Most of us can pay for it with insurance.

What if that surgery was needed to save your life?

What if you couldn’t afford it?

Thuraya is a 49 year old mom of nine children. She is a hard worker and needs a surgery to save her life.

From left to right: Dalal, Kawthar, Thuraya

Unfortunately, that surgery is really expensive, and she can’t afford it. She lives in Lebanon as a Syrian refugee. The average citizen there makes 70.08% less money than an average American citizen, so she really needs our help.

This loan was a good loan because the rates were great, and this person is a person that really needs help.

By: Sofia T.

Edited by Chloee S.

Help The People

We all know about these two devastating Hurricanes, Irma and Harvey.


Both of the hurricanes put a lot of people without anything. Millions of people lost everything, but there are ways to help those in need. Donate to the American Red Cross.

Click here to donate to victims of  Harvey, (make sure you change the I want to support part from Disaster to Harvey) and Click here to donate to victims of Irma .

After a Hurricane, make sure to help because for one it feels good and  two it’s the right thing to do. Read this Quote from Robert Ingersoll: “We Rise By Lifting Others”  I think this means that you’re becoming a better person by helping others.

So to be a better person, you should help the victims that felt the wrath of Harvey and Irma.

Help now!

Author: Danny G

Revised and Edited: Rachel I and Hannah L